Programs Introduction
All undergraduate majors of Shanghai Theatre Academy are open to Foreign students. The length of schooling is 4 years. Diploma(graduation certificate) and Bachelor's degree will be granted to those successfully complete all required courses and thesis writing.

Application Qualifications:
1. Age between 18 and 26 years old.
2. Senior high school (equivalent or above)graduation certificate.
3. Valid foreign passport and provide the record or certificate indicating the passport holder actually lives overseas for more than 2 years in the past 4 years (or above). If passport holder lives abroad for 9 months in a year, it will be calculated as one year. 30th of April of admission year will be the deadline for calculating the length of time.
4. Applicants shall be in good health, with good character and no criminal record, and abide by the laws, decrees of the People's Republic of China, and regulations of STA.
5. Valid Chinese Proficiency Certificate HSK -4+(above 220 scores). Results of HSK in May of the year will be accepted. Ethnic Chinese who can provide proof of educational experience in a Chinese high school are free from HSK certificate.

Application Process
Complete all the application procedures and pay the fee before the deadline  according to the updated notice released on招生网 (

Submit scan of passport, high school graduation certificate or enrollment certificate and HSK certificate to STA Foreign Student’s Office via email

Please note all the examination schedule and result will be released on the website ( No telephone or email notice service available.

Foreign candidates need to take part in the on-site interview and major related examinations. More examination details please contact the Undergraduate Admission Office through 86-21-62486707.

Once accepted, the applicant will receive an Acceptance Letter and “Visa Application for Foreigners Wishing to Study in China” (JW202 Form) issued by post.

Chinese Opera & Dance Major: 45,000 RMB/Year
Other Majors: 36,000 RMB/Year

Foreign students are required to purchase Comprehensive Insurance Plan of Foreign Students, worth of 800 RMB/Year* 4 years on registration

Accommodation(Huashan Campus)
Foreign students are in principle required to live in Foreign students’ apartment on campus. If out of special reason to live off campus, applicant shall provide a detailed address and register in the local police station in 24 hours after arrival.

Undergraduate Admission Office
No.630 Huashan Road, Shanghai
Tel: 86-21-62486707

Foreign Students Office
208 Zhongyi Bld(2)
Tel: 86-21-62498896