Visa& Residence Permit

1.Entry Visa

AnX1 or X2 visa could be applied for in the Chinese embassy/consulatewith your STA admission letter, JW202 (White Sheet) and physicalexamination records for foreigners.

2.Residence Permit

StudentResidence Permit allows unrestricted multiple entries within theperiod of validity. Those who come to China with X1 visa should applyfor residence permit within 30 days since arrival. Also, physicalexamination records issued by the Shanghai International Travel andHealthcare Center are needed before application.

Visacenter address:

ShanghaiExit-Entry Administration Bureau

Addressof Head office1500Minsheng Rd

Servicetime9:00—17:00Mon- Sat.


TransportationExit6, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Station, subway line #2 ORMiddle Yanggao Rd, subway line # 9

3.Materials Needed for the First Application of Residence Permit

  1. Passportoriginal

  2. Health Check certificate issued by the Shanghai International Travel and Healthcare Center original. If you made it in your own country, it must be done in government related hospital AND legalized in the Shanghai International Travel and Healthcare Center.

  3. Admission letteroriginal

  4. JW202 formYellow sheet given by the Foreign Student’s Office

  5. Introduction letter for Visa Application (issued by the Foreign Student’s Office).

  6. Photos. Now applicants are required to take the photo on the first floor of visa centre building).

  7. Registration form of temporary residence (Original and copy).

Ifyou live on campus, the form is issued by the reception of the dorm.

Ifyou live off campus, the form is issued by the local police station.

5.Extension of Residence Permit

Diplomastudents can apply for only one year residence permit each time, sowe suggest that students extend their residence permits before theend of the first academic year 1stweek of Julyatthe International Students Office of STA. Weare not responsible for the problems caused by late extension due tothe student’s personal reasons.

6.Fees for visa & physical check

Allthe fees for visa application and health check are paid by theapplicant.

QuickGuide to Visa Application


1.The address on Registrationform of temporary residenceand The Introductionletter for Visa Applicationshould be the SAME.

2.The Introductionletter for Visa Applicationis only 10 DAY VALID.