1.Living On Campus

Studentscould apply for foreignstudents’ dormitoryaccording to their needs(Some photos on P48).A 300 RMBdeposit shall be prepaid when checked in.Only aset of mat is provided when students check in.Other necessities need to be prepared by the students.Size of the bed: Width 90CM; Length 200CM. Price:90RMBa day per person for a singleroom. 50 RMB a day per person for a double room. For those who willleave during vacations but still wish to retain their rooms, theprice is 45RMBa day per person for a single room; 25 RMB a day per person for adouble room. Forfull scholarship students,the room fee is spared; if he or she wishes to live outside due topersonal reasons, he or she could be subsidized accordingly byInternational Students Office.

Accommodationfee should be paid within the first week each term by Chinese debitcard or credit card with “China Union Pay” on it. There areseveral facilities on 18th floor of the dormitory, electric stove,washing machine, fridges, water heater, zinc, etc. in the kitchen andTV, DVD player, gym equipment, clothes dryer in the VIP room. Onlywashing machine and clothes dryer charge fees. Besides,coldwater andelectricity lessthan 200 kilowatts/month for a single room and 250 kilowatts/monthfor a double room are free. The extra electricityfee should be borne by the students (0.61RMB/kilowatt).Hot watercharges 0.18RMB/minute, which can only be used after the students paywith the campus card.

Thereare three fridges in the dormitory (two in the kitchen and one in theVIP room) where you may keep your groceries and other goods. Please,keep them clean and throw away expired food without waiting for it torot and stink. In case of mysterious loss of your food and otherproducts immediately inform floor supervisor and the office.

Belowis the mailing address of the dormitory

2.Living Off-Campus

Studentsliving off-campus shall fill in “STA Off-campus AccommodationRegistration Form for Foreign Students” at the InternationalStudents Office, and then have the temporary residence permission atthe affiliated police station within 24 hours with passport, leaseagreement and STA off-campus accommodation registration form. If theaddress is changed, student should notify the International StudentsOffice, refill the off-campus accommodation registration form, andget registered at the new affiliated police station, otherwise, he orshe shall be penalized by the Police according to the relevant law.