Teachers and Students of the College of Film's Hosting Program Achieve New Heights


On the afternoon of June 6, 2024, at the New Theater of the Shanghai Theatre Academy's Changlin Road Campus, the teachers and students of the College of Film's Hosting Program successfully completed the recording of outstanding works for the "Creative Youth" event. In this special performance of "Creative Youth" (Drama and Dance), the College of Film's one-act plays "Letter to the Teacher" and "Zhu Guangya" stood out, winning first and second prizes respectively.

These exceptional works were meticulously guided by Associate Dean Dong Jian of the College of Film and collaboratively created by acting instructor Meng Cong and the students of the hosting class. The outstanding achievements reflect the dedication and wisdom of both teachers and students, showcasing the deep artistic foundation and teaching prowess of the Film Academy.

In recent years, the teachers and students of the College of Film have continuously explored contemporary themes, creating a series of excellent works that reflect the spirit of the times, such as "Huang Yanpei" and "Zeng Liansong and the National Flag." Under the guidance of their teachers, students have actively delved into themes, creating numerous small-scale theatrical works with profound depth and flexible structure, which have been performed multiple times in communities and universities. This collaborative creation and performance model not only hones students' practical skills but also strengthens the bond between teachers and students.

Notably, the short play "Craftsmanship," which reflects the development and exploration of vocational education in Shanghai, has been successfully performed at multiple venues, including the Shanghai Library (East Branch) and the Great Zero Bay Library, with over ten performances attracting more than two thousand live audience members and receiving strong acclaim. Directed by Professor Dong Jian and performed by the teachers and students of the College of Film, the play is based on Yan Xueyi, a pioneer and founder of vocational education in Shanghai and a people's educator. It focuses on "vocational education" and passionately narrates the spirit of "craftsmanship" characterized by persistent pursuit and meticulous excellence. Through the medium of drama, it vividly and dynamically presents both traditional Chinese culture and contemporary advanced culture to the audience.

The entire creative and performance process not only allowed students to deeply understand the importance of teamwork but also reinforced the belief among teachers and students that the essence of excellent literary and artistic works lies in "serving the people and serving society”" They are committed to creating outstanding literary and artistic works, drawing inspiration from the people, and telling China's stories well.

Outstanding artistic works often stem from the creators' extreme attention to detail and repeated refinement. During the creative process, the teachers' rigorous academic attitude and pursuit of excellence deeply influenced every student. While shaping characters, they guided students on how to make characters more vivid and lifelike and how to find reasonable psychological motivations for each action. In the performance process, everyone gave their all, reinterpreting classic works and bringing new vitality to them.

Looking ahead, we believe that the students of the College of Film's Hosting Program will continue to excel on their artistic journey, creating new glories. Their talent and effort will bring more touching and excellent works to the audience, contributing to the prosperity and development of Chinese literature and art.