Professor Stanislav's Screenwriting Workshop Concludes Successfully


The spring breeze is warm and all things are renewed. In this season brimming with vitality, the Screenwriting Workshop led by Professor Stanislav, hosted by Shanghai Theatre Academy’s College of Film, has been successfully concluded.

During the three-week workshop in March, Professor Stanislav, with his rich experience and profound professional knowledge, conducted meticulous analysis and critique of the students' works, patiently guiding each participant. Teacher Zheng Weilong served as the translator, and Teacher Lei Wen was fully involved in the workshop throughout its duration.

Furthermore, the professor also organized special lectures on feature films and documentaries, which, through in-depth discussions of specific cases, allowed students to gain a more profound understanding of different types of film and television works. After the theoretical explanations, students had the opportunity to apply the newly learned knowledge to their creative practice, and engage in in-depth exchanges and discussions with the professor regarding their own screenplays. This not only facilitated the continuous improvement of the works but also added more creative texture to the screenplays. With such a teaching model that combined theory with practice, Professor Stanislav effectively helped students uncover their inner creative potential and encouraged them to integrate innovative thinking into their future playwriting.

During the workshop's discussion sessions, Professor Stanislav centered around eight feature films, such as "Empty Heart Syndrome," "Swan Lake," and "I Don't Want To Play With You," to delve into the art of character creation, the techniques of conflict setting, and how to effectively express themes within feature films. Additionally, the professor provided professional guidance on the conception of two documentaries, "Her Hometown" and "The Twelfth," offering detailed advice on how to unearth the core themes of documentaries, design precise interview questions, and focus on technical details that require attention during filming.

In addition to providing in-depth guidance on scriptwriting, the professor also paid special attention to the visual and auditory elements in playwriting. He explained the use of visual elements such as cinematic style and image composition, as well as how to enhance the emotional expression and atmosphere of a work through sound design and sound recording. Furthermore, the professor provided professional advice and solutions to the many issues that may arise during the production process, helping students gain a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of all aspects of film production.

Through this workshop, Professor Stanislav imparted valuable knowledge and experience, and deeply felt the capabilities in terms of production level and strong desire for knowledge of the students at the STA College of Film. The students displayed tremendous enthusiasm and a serious attitude towards learning the professional knowledge and skills of filmmaking. They actively participated in discussions, were bold to practice, and demonstrated solid professional foundations along with innovative thinking abilities. At the same time, the students were also drawn to the professor's professionalism, his rich practical experience, and his profound understanding of the art of film. The professor's guidance not only improved the students' technical levels but also ignited their passion for creation.

Students’ Feedbck

I'm slowly grasping how to build relationships between characters and shape their emotions. It's also dawned on me how people from different cultural backgrounds might interpret the same story differently. 

the writer of <Empty Heart Syndrome>, Phyllis

After the professor's guidance, I also understood that a good script can cross nationalities.

the writer of <I Don't Want To Play With You>, Ma Shuxiao

Your gentle yet penetrating feedback and constructive suggestions breathed new life into my interpretation of the story, providing a fresh and nuanced perspective that greatly enhanced its depth and appeal. 

the writer of<Swan Lake>, Anna Zhang

The professor provided detailed explanations on character development and issues to be aware of in the production process, supplemented with case studies that allowed me to gain a concrete understanding. 

the writer of <Her Hometown>, Yang Zhichun

I can feel that the professor fully respects the original intention of each person to create a story and the author's own ideas, and the professor can effectively help everyone create their own stories. 

a member of <Swan Lake>, Yunnuo

The course structure was impeccably designed, covering all the crucial aspects of screenwriting while also fostering a creative and collaborative learning environment. 

the writer of <Echoes of Ashes>, Liu Heqi

The suggestions on playwriting were all very effective and relevant and opened my eyes to another possibility in playwriting. 

a member of <Swan Lake>, Jolynn

Thanks very much for the professor's recognition and support of my story, in my opinion, feminism is only another form of humanism, I hope there will be more teachers who likes you to teach such unbiased and valued it. 

the writer of < Xi Qing>, Jia Rui

During this month, I received a lot of encouragement. From a simple idea to a complete framework, from interview questions to shooting plans, every communication with the professor is so passionate and warm,

the writer of <Unable leave the sheep>, Nicole

I learned a lot from the revision process of other scripts and lectures. What impressed me most was the content about “Conflict”. 

Wu Yujiao

It is rare to participate in such a long face-to-face workshop, and the professor's questions and suggestions on script execution were very precise and beneficial.

the writer of < As long as it takes to breathe>, Pang Yaxin

You have successfully stimulated our learning interest through clever teaching methods and rich teaching resources. Each class is dynamic and interactive.

a member of< A DESTINED ENCOUNTER >, Zuo Ziqi

The advice given by the professor is straightforward. This also caused me and my team to have a lot of thinking about our script.

the writer of < A DESTINED ENCOUNTER>, Ma Yila

As the workshop came to a successful conclusion, the students' stories became more enriched, their characters more vivid, and their dialogues more captivating. They applied the knowledge and skills they had learned to their actual creative work, continually honing and perfecting their pieces. This screenwriting workshop was not only a transfer of knowledge but also a collision of creative sparks. It provided the students with a platform to showcase themselves and enhance their skills, laying a solid foundation for their future creative endeavors. Moreover, it is hoped that the students will be able to shine even more brilliantly in the near future.

Group Photo of STA Leaders and Professor Stanislav

Huang Changyong, President of the Shanghai Theatre Academy (third from right); 

Li Zhenlin, Dean of the College of Film, Shanghai Theatre Academy (second from left); 

Dong Jian, Vice Dean of the College of Film, Shanghai Theatre Academy (second from right); 

Wang Chunyun, Deputy Party Secretary of the College of Film, Shanghai Theatre Academy (first on right); 

and Teacher Zheng Longwei (first on left)