Equipping Students with "DJI" Wings — DJI Ronin 4D Cinematography System Technical Training Course


On the morning of March 22nd, at Classroom 209, Building No. 2, Changlin Road Campus of Shanghai Theatre Academy, we were honored to have Luo Qi, the Technical Director of DJI's professional line, to share his expertise on the Ronin 4D integrated cinema camera system. As a professional technology guru at DJI, Luo Qi elaborated on various aspects, detailing the product's usage strategies in different scenarios for the students.

He delved deeply into the Ronin 4D's four-axis stabilization technology, explaining how it ensures stable footage in complex environments. Luo Qi also thoroughly interpreted the working principles of the laser Lidar focusing technology and its application in Ronin 4D, providing students with an in-depth understanding of this technology.

In an era where wireless technology is increasingly commonplace, Ronin 4D's wireless image transmission and control technology has also garnered much attention. Luo Qi demonstrated how this technology enables remote shooting and control, making filming more flexible and convenient. The ActiveTrack Pro technology offers unprecedented convenience to cinematographers.

Lastly, Luo Qi presented an engaging explanation of real-life cases. Through actual shooting examples, students could intuitively understand the application of Ronin 4D in various settings and how to leverage its advanced technology to solve filming challenges. This lecture not only deepened everyone's understanding of Ronin 4D but also ignited the students' passion and spirit of exploration for film and television technology. We believe that in their future studies and work, the students will strive to apply these cutting-edge technologies to their creative work, producing more outstanding film and television works.