A Visually and Audibly Pleasing Film Class — The Screening and Creative Team Meet-and-Greet for the Film


On the evening of 25 March 2024 at 6 pm, the screening and creative team meet-and-greet for the film "Off the Stage" was grandly held in the No. 2 Standard Screening Hall of Shanghai Theatre Academy's Changlin Road campus. The event was hosted by the College of Film and the Audio-Visual Media Creation and Research Center at the Shanghai Theatre Academy. Han Yongsheng, the Party Secretary of the College of Film, Li Zhenlin, the Dean, and Wang Chunyun, the Deputy Party Secretary, attended the event.

"Off the Stage" was directed and written by Qiao Liang, and starred the talented actress He Saifei. The film was shortlisted for the "Tiantan Award" at the 12th Beijing International Film Festival and won Best Actress at the 36th China Film Golden Rooster Awards. The story depicts the contrasting life of the protagonist named Teacher Qi (played by He Saifei), who is dazzling on stage but struggles with a multitude of problems off stage, exploring the complex entanglements of human nature, family, and dreams. Adapted from Ai Wei's novel "The Past," the original story's rich emotions and profound social insights provides a solid literary foundation for the film.

During the exchange session with the creative team, Director Qiao Liang and Teacher He Saifei shared their initial intentions for the movie and anecdotes from filming. Li Zhenlin, Dean of the College of Film, from a professional acting perspective, commented on He Saifei's precise and delicate performance, and how she has freely conveyed restraint and release, analyzing the actor's performance and its role in shaping character relationships. The fascinating remarks by the creative team and the commentator received rounds of applause.

In the interactive exchange session, teachers and students in attendance actively asked questions, warmly expressing their appreciation for the film and respect for the creative team. Professor Qiao Liang, a renowned director and doctoral supervisor in the Directing Department at the Beijing Film Academy, fully affirmed the high-quality questions from the students present. He put forward his expectations for the students of Shanghai Theatre Academy's College of Film to accumulate knowledge and continuously create exquisite works of film and television.

This event kicked off the "35th Anniversary Series of Events for the Broadcasting and Television Editing and Directing Major (Film Editing and Directing Department)." We look forward to more film artists bringing their fine works to join the teachers and students of the Shanghai Theatre Academy for a cinematic engagement.