Minhang District Integrated Media Center Visits Film College for Research and Exchange


On March 22, 2024, Mao Jie, Director of Minhang District Integrated Media Center; Xu Leibing, Deputy Director; Sun Li, Deputy Director; and Zhao Shuyi, Head of the Administrative Work Department, visited the Film College of Shanghai Theatre Academy for research purposes. Dean Li Zhenlin, Party General Branch Secretary Han Yongsheng, and Deputy Secretary Wang Chunyun warmly received the guests and engaged in vigorous exchanges.

Dean Li Zhenlin introduced the history and academic development of the Film College of Shanghai Theatre Academy. Secretary Han Yongsheng detailed the party affairs work of the Film College and the general situation of the Changlin Road Campus of Shanghai Theatre Academy. Deputy Secretary Wang Chunyun presented information regarding the Film College's graduates and students' employment.

Director Mao Jie also introduced the basic situation of Minhang District Integrated Media Center. As an important propaganda platform in Minhang District of Shanghai, the center has traditional media platforms such as radio, television, newspapers in both Chinese and English languages, magazines and websites. It consistently adheres to a user-centric approach and practices the development concept of "mobile first, client top priority," actively developing new government media platforms such as "Minhang Today" on WeChat, Weibo, mobile apps, video accounts, and Douyin. Director Mao Jie specifically highlighted the recruitment situation for related specialized positions at the center this year.

Both sides conducted in-depth and pragmatic discussions on issues such as joint construction of party branches, recruitment of graduates, co-construction of internship courses and bases, and collaboration on creative projects and major events, and reached a preliminary agreement.

The meeting was also attended by Fei Yong, Head of the Broadcasting and Hosting Department, Wang Pei, a teacher from the Film Editing and Directing Department, Lin Xiaohui, Deputy Director of the Administrative Office, and Duan Ran, a teacher from the Experimental Film Studio.