Professor Stanislav's Screenwriting Lecture Is Successfully Held


On the afternoon of March 20th, Professor Stanislav's screenwriting lecture "Characters and Conflict" was held at the No. 2 Standard Screening Hall on Changlin Road Campus of Shanghai Theatre Academy. The event was attended by Han Yongsheng, the Secretary of the Party General Branch of the Film College, Li Zhenlin, the Dean, Wang Chunyun, the Deputy Secretary of the Party General Branch, as well as faculty and students of the Film College. The lecture was translated by teacher Zheng Longwei.

As part of a series of activities of the expert workshop held by Professor Stanislav at the Film College, this workshop focused on the issues of character and conflict setting in playwriting. The purpose of the lecture was to provide professional guidance to students on the theory and practice of character construction and conflict design, offering effective strategies and methods for shaping characters and setting and resolving conflicts during the scriptwriting process.

Professor Stanislav carefully selected the film "Dark Night" as a viewing material, skillfully guiding students to explore the core of playwriting, "Characters and Conflict." The professor explained the various types of characters in an accessible way, emphasizing the importance of clearly defining each character during the creative process. As the lecture progressed, the professor gradually revealed the complexity of character shaping, guiding students on how to uncover the internal motivations of characters through multidimensional factors such as their inner thoughts, challenges faced, and relationships with other characters, thereby endowing them with realism and depth.

Next, the professor moved on to the setting of "conflict," starting from the basic definition, extending to different types of conflicts, and discussing their key roles in driving the development of the plot. By analyzing specific cases, the professor provided students with a multi-faceted approach to thinking, enriching their creative perspectives. Additionally, the professor particularly emphasized the importance of "emotional catharsis" in the art of film, which not only enhances the emotional impact of the work but also serves as an essential bridge for the audience to resonate with the piece.

The students who participated in the lecture came from different grades and majors. This lecture will lay a solid foundation for the students' future artistic creative endeavors, inspiring them to continuously explore and advance. Professor Stanislav is the Executive Director of CILECT (International Association of Film and Television Schools), the Rector of the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in Bulgaria, and the President of the Bulgarian Association of Film, TV and Radio Scriptwriters. He has served as a script editor, screenwriter and producer for over 100 European feature and short film projects, possessing rich practical experience and professional knowledge.