Academic Journey "Film Studies," Issue No. 9, Has Been Published


Recently, the academic journal "Film Studies," Issue No. 9, edited by Professors Li Zhenlin and Huang Wangli, has been officially published. This issue mainly revolves around the study of film history, both domestic and international, and analyzes it from various levels and perspectives. The overall quality of the articles is high, and it gathers the latest research results from experts and scholars around the world. The topics range from the study of early film audiences in Shanghai, content research, media studies, communication studies, to critical studies; research on film screening in Xi'an during the Seventeen Years period; creation and dissemination of films in the new era; practical research on the application of new technology in film creation; and studies on female film workers in the Shanghai school. These multifaceted discussions provide the latest academic insights into the study of film history, both domestically and abroad, and hold significant academic value for contemporary film research.

The journal "Film Studies" is an academic publication of the Film College of Shanghai Theatre Academy and was selected for the "Chinese Humanities and Social Sciences Journals AMI Comprehensive Evaluation Report (2022)." The evaluation of Chinese humanities and social science journals was the first large-scale evaluation project initiated by the China Social Sciences Evaluation Center (the predecessor of the China Academy of Social Sciences Evaluation) after its establishment in 2014, and has been carried out every four years since then. This evaluation report (AMI) is currently one of the primary core journal directories in the domestic academic community and, along with the Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI) and the "Overview of Chinese Core Journals" (Peking University Core), is regarded as one of the "big three" evaluation systems for Chinese humanities and social science journals.