Spotlight on Youth | College of Film Offers Film Shooting Skills Enhancement Training for Pujin Sub-district


On March 15th, the Spotlight on Youth Volunteer Service Team, the Youth League General Branch and the Student Union of the Shanghai Theatre Academy College of Film, the First and Second Branches of Student Party Members at the College of Film, and the Pujin Sub-district’s General Party Branch of Functional Offices, New Era Civilization Practice Sub-center and Youth League Committee jointly hosted a film shooting skills enhancement training event at the Pujin Sub-district’s Community Party and Mass Service Center.

With the rapid development of platforms such as official WeChat accounts and self-media, film and television works have gradually become an important part of publicity work. In order to help enhance the film shooting skills of the staff of Pujin Sub-district, student party members from the College of Film shared their experience in improving film shooting skills for the staff of the Pujin Sub-district on publicity positions. They detailed practical methods and skills from their respective professional perspectives, covering three sections, e.g. direction, cinematography and editing.

Ye Zhiyan, the Deputy Secretary (In Charge) of the Youth League Committee of Pujin Sub-district, conducted the training mobilization for this film and television skills training session, expressing her hope that all trainees from the sub-district could improve their shooting techniques and accumulate experience.

I. Pre-production Text Planning and Directorial Thinking Training

Student Liu Zhiquan, drawing from his accumulated experience in film creation skills through professional practice, introduced the production processes and paradigms for non-fiction themed short films, documentary specials, and the creation of short videos for regular meetings and activities, from the perspective of pre-production text planning and directorial thinking training. He discussed fundamental creative skills in a simple yet profound way and, using the cases of the production of the promotional video for Shanghai Theatre Academy’s anniversary celebration and the production of the College of Film’s red-themed short films as the blueprint, helped broaden the creative ideas and execution references for the staff on publicity positions at the Pujin Sub-district.

II. Practical Shooting Operation and Basic Photography Skills

Student Huo Dongting shared practical film shooting operations and basic photography skills, elaborating on the points to consider during the pre-shooting preparation process, such as storyboarding, equipment selection and shooting plan formulation, as well as specific skills like parameter settings, photographic composition and camera movement during the shooting process. These skills were demonstrated through video presentations to show their actual effects.

III. Crafting and Optimization for High-Quality Post-Production

Student Baodi Qiqige shared the editing and production of promotional videos for events, detailing the post-production process of film and television from four aspects, i.e. mainstream editing software, editing workflow, introduction to editing panels and functions, and skills for editing short videos showcasing events. In addition, she made an on-site editing demonstration using Capcut, and shared convenient and quick editing techniques.

At the end of the event, Ma Yaozu, the Secretary of the First Branch of Student Party Members from the College of Film, shared some of his own film shooting skills based on practical needs. He stated that the Shanghai Theatre Academy College of Film will continue to build on its professional strengths and carry out exchange and cooperation with the Pujin Sub-district, and will organize more similar training and sharing events. Meanwhile, they will listen to the suggestions of the sub-district staff, improve the content and format of the events, so as to meet diverse practical needs and further enhance the publicity work.