"Dance Pujiang – Big Zero Bay" Dance Show is held


The "Dance Pujiang – Big Zero Bay" Dance Show was recently held at the New Theatre of Shanghai Theatre Academy on the Changlin Campus.

This dance show was one of the important results of the special “Big Zero Bay” cooperation actively carried out by Shanghai Theatre Academy and Minhang District, and was also a concrete action to help Minhang District improve the public culture of the region.

During his recent visit to Shanghai, General Secretary Xi Jinping called for the in-depth implementation of cultural projects to benefit the people, the deepening and expansion of the construction of the civilization practice centres of the new era, and the comprehensive improvement of the quality of citizens' civilization and the degree of civilization of the cities.

Shanghai Theatre Academy's high-quality "Pujiang Series" is a public cultural project launched to implement the concept of "people's city built by the people, people's city for the people".

Zhang Weiling, Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President of Shanghai Theatre Academy, said that the city breeds the university and the university nourishes the city. The "Pujiang Series" public cultural project has reflected Shanghai Theatre Academy’s mission and responsibility to take the initiative to actively participate in the city's cultural construction.

This show featured the selected outstanding works from the "Big Zero Bay" funded project - Shanghai Theatre Academy Students Dance Works Competition as well as the high-quality original dance works of the Shanghai Theatre Academy College of Dance. As the organizer of the show, Shanghai Theatre Dance Academy College of Dance brought a wonderful dance feast to the audience, shining the gorgeous artistic light on the cold winter night.

Teachers and students of Shanghai Theatre Academy College of Dance, who participated in the show, said that while studying and implementing Xi Jinping’s thoughts on culture and the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech on his inspection visit to Shanghai, they should be more active in creating, performing and disseminating excellent original works, so that the vitality of cultural innovation and creativity will flow along with the beautiful dances on the both sides of the Huangpu River.

Representatives from all walks of life, including CPC Minhang District Committee and Minhang District Government, Education Bureau, Culture and Tourism Bureau, Pujiang Town, Pujin Sub-district, Jiangchuan Sub-district, Dongming Road Sub-district, Shanghai Airport Group, Nanbinjiang Company, Pujiang Country Park and Shanghai Jiaotong University, observed the show.