Final & Award Ceremony of 2023 (5th) Shanghai Social Organizations Public Welfare Entrepreneurship Competition Grand is held, with Shanghai Theatre winning three awards


The Final and Award Ceremony of 2023 (5th) Shanghai Social Organizations Public Welfare Entrepreneurship Competition was held recently.

After the preliminary, semi-final and final rounds, the Shanghai Theatre Academy won the following awards:

Gold Award of the Public Welfare Team Track 

won by "Borderless - Barrier-free Audiovisual Art Service" team

Innovation Award of Public Welfare Entrepreneurship 

won by "Bloom - First Class for Female Beginners at Workplace - Theatre Workshop" team

Outstanding Organization Award won by Shanghai Theatre Academy

This year's competition was co-organized by the Social Organization Service Department of Shanghai Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the Shanghai Employment Promotion Centre and the Shanghai Student Affairs Centre.

Since the launch of the competition in late May, a total of 315 public welfare entrepreneurship teams from all over China have registered for the competition, including 111 social organizations and 204 public welfare teams. After seven months, 18 entrepreneurship teams entered the final round.

Fifty-four experts from relevant commissions and offices, social organizations, universities, enterprises and the media acted as judges for the final round, in which the participating teams competed through video presentations, roadshows and debates. One Gold Award, three Silver Awards and five Bronze Awards were decided for the social organization track and the public welfare team track respectively, and other awards such as Public Welfare Entrepreneurship Innovation Award, Public Welfare Entrepreneurship Potential Award, and Public Welfare Entrepreneurship Pioneer Award for College Students were also given out.

This competition is designed for the cultivation of public welfare innovation and entrepreneurship talents, and has attracted the active participation of many colleges and universities every year. This trend also reflects the enthusiasm of young students for public welfare innovation and entrepreneurship.