Nine Courses of STA are approved as Municipal-Level Key Courses of Shanghai-Based Universities in 2023


Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission released the “Notice of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission on Announcing the List of Municipal-level Key Courses of Shanghai-based Universities in 2023”, and all the nine courses recommended by the Shanghai Theatre Academy were on the list, with a success rate of 100%.

"Fundamentals and Elements of Stage Lighting Design”

Course Leader: Yi Tianfu

"Fundamentals of Dance Studies”

Course Leader: Zhang Suqin

"A Study of Western Modern Directing Genres”

Course Leader: Shi Jun

"History of Chinese Fine Arts”

Course Leader: Li Ya

"Acting Segment Training”

Course Leader: Yang Jia

"Stage Skills”

Course Leader: Meng Xiaojun

"Fundamentals of Aesthetics”

Course Leader: Zhang Wenying

"Musical Instrument as A Major (Peking Opera Percussion)”

Course Leader: He Qun

"History of Chinese and Foreign Puppets and Shadows”

Course Leader: Guo Hongjun

The Shanghai Theatre Academy will combine the relevant requirements of the Municipal Commission of Education, take the specialties construction as the lead to drive the curriculum construction, take the "small cut" of curriculum reform as the lead to solve the "big problem" of the talent cultivation mode, promote the reform of classroom teaching, establish the core curriculum system of undergraduate courses with new concepts and methods of teaching, set foot on the needs of economic and social development and the objectives of talent cultivation, optimize and reconstruct the teaching contents of the courses, and develop a batch of core courses that follow the laws of teaching and learning, conform to the modern philosophy of educational and have distinctive characteristics, so as to play an active role in enhancing the quality of undergraduate teaching.