39th Session of Pujiang Lecture Series is Held|AME Young Creators Platform Campus Tour at STA


With the continuous development of the domestic film market, more and more high-quality and well-received films are appearing on the screen, which not only meets the audience's expectations for films, but also stimulates the creative enthusiasm of more film professionals.

In this situation, the Shanghai Theatre Academy College of Film was honored to have Ye Ning, partner, director and strategic president of AME Film & TV Project (Hangzhou Anmo Film & TV), founder of Qingsong Culture and visiting professor of the Beijing Film Academy School of Management, to give a lecture on the development situation and trends of China’s film market to the teachers and students of Shanghai Theatre Academy.

On the afternoon of 19 October, the lecture was held as scheduled in the No.2 Standard Screening Hall on the Changlin Road Campus of Shanghai Theatre Academy, with Ms Huang Wangli, professor of the Shanghai Theatre Academy College of Film, and Mr Yan Liye, lecturer of the Shanghai Theatre Academy College of Film, in attendance.

First, Mr Ye Ning invited everyone to watch two excellent award-winning films of the 4th AME All-China University Graduation Cloud Exhibition, i.e. the short feature film "Unburyable Hate" and the short animation film "Shape of the Elephant". After the screening, Mr Ye Ning and Professor Huang Wangli discussed the merits of the two short films with the students. The two teachers also gave detailed answers to the students' questions on how to make excellent short films.

Then, with "Teaching Film and Television from the Industry's Perspective - How to Build Young Professionals’ Sense of Product" as the topic, Mr Ye Ning shared his rich experience as a film professional with the audience.

Against the backdrop of the current strong recovery of China's film market, Mr Ye stressed the importance of genre thinking, which requires accurate genre, compact structure and core emotion to work together to create  an excellent "script product". By analyzing the market situation, Mr Ye Ning put forward new ideas on product promotion and distribution from a producer's point of view. At the end of the lecture, Mr Ye Ning further explained the relationship between genre and artistic expression: "Only with a strong foundation of Chinese narrative genres can we support the plurality and diversity of Chinese film narratives, and can we truly nurture and carry the artistic expression of Chinese films.

After Mr Ye Ning briefly explained the development trend of the Chinese film market to the students, Mr Zhao Minghao introduced the basic content of the "AME Global Youth Artistic Talent Growth Platform" and the current support programs and activities for university students. On the spot, Mr Zhao also made a call to encourage more students with dreams to participate in creation together!

At the end of the lecture, Mr Ye Ning took a group photo with all the students to capture the wonderful moments of this event! Mr Ye Ning also expressed his expectations and wishes for the students to jointly inject fresh energy into the Chinese film market!