STA College of Dance holds mobilization meeting for participating in opening ceremony performance of Hangzhou Asian Games


Not long ago, the Large-scale Event Department of the Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee issued the “Letter of Invitation for the Shanghai Theatre Academy to Participate in the Opening Ceremony Performance of the Hangzhou Asian Games”, inviting STA College of Dance to select students to participate in the opening ceremony performance. The party committee of STA and the leadership team of the College of Dance attach great importance to this, and are committed to actively contributing to the presentation of a grand sports and cultural event with "Chinese characteristics, Asian style, and excitements”. Steered by the College of Dance leadership team, the head of the teaching and research office, dance teachers and the administrative office actively coordinated and carefully selected 48 outstanding students from the dance performance major (ballet direction) to participate in the performance.

At the end of June, the 48 students and Qiu Ting, the teacher-in-charge, were engaged in intense rehearsals. On 23 August, the students from the College of Dance assembled again and set off for Hangzhou for the rehearsals of the opening ceremony of the Asian Games and the opening ceremony performance. Before the expedition, the leadership team of the Shanghai Theatre Academy College of Dance held a mobilization meeting for all involved. Zhang Lin, Secretary of the General Party Branch and Dean of the College of Dance, gave a mobilization speech

AS the Asian Games is soon approaching, the teachers and students of the STA College of Dance will continue to strive for excellence, and will strive to highlight the level of the STA College of Dance, make the light of STA shine, and demonstrate the Chinese characteristics on the stage of the Asian Games.