"Building the Dream in the New Journey & Employment Leading to the Future" – Party Secretary Xie Wei delivers the first lesson of the new semester


On the afternoon of 16 March, Xie Wei, Party Secretary of the Shanghai Theatre Academy, delivered an enlightening lesson entitled "Building the Dream in the New Journey & Employment Leading to the Future" to the students, in which with reference to his own experience of choosing employment in those years, he addressed the confusion and concerns of college students in choosing employment. The delivery of this lesson was also an important link in STA’s implementation of the Ministry of Education's plan for conducting the “First Lesson of New Semester” series of educational and guiding activities.

After talking about the new employment situation brought about by technological progress, Xie Wei turned to the policy perspective and interpreted the judgment of the State on the employment situation from the perspective of "employment is the greatest livelihood for the people", as well as a series of policies and support measures on employment and entrepreneurship of college graduates launched by the Ministry of Education and the Shanghai Municipal Government. Based on the expected number of Year 2023 graduates from STA, the overall employment status of Year 2022 graduates from STA and the regular employment directions, Xie Wei conducted a specific analysis on the overall employment situation, criteria of flexible employment, and tradeoffs of job selection factors.

During the interactive session, Tian Yuan, the full-time student counselor at the Department of Acting, Qi Jisong, the deputy secretary of the General Party Branch of the College of Chinese Opera, and Wang Pei, the specialty teacher and class teacher at the College of Film, briefed the students on the different ways of employment and entrepreneurship for STA graduates. Zhang Guoli, the deputy director of the Student Affairs Office, also introduced the measures taken by STA to promote the employment opportunities for graduates.

This "First Lesson of New Semester" organically integrated the analysis of situations and policies, the sharing of employment cases and the employment guidance, which has aroused a warm response from the students.

Zhang Weiling, Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President of the Shanghai Theatre Academy, the heads of relevant functional departments, the deputy secretaries of the General Party Branches, student counselors and class teachers of the various colleges and departments, and the students from the four campuses attended the lesson.