Live Webcast Interview Recruitment Week for Year 2023 Graduates of Cultural and Creative Majors from Shanghai-Based Universities is held


On 21-23 December 2022, under the guidance of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, the Live Webcast Interview Recruitment Week for Year 2023 Graduates of Cultural and Creative Majors from Shanghai-based Universities was successfully held on the cloud.

This recruitment week was held to further improve the work of recommending cultural and creative talents in the city, build a municipal-level communication platform between cultural and creative enterprises and university graduates and create the agglomeration effect of a brand-named job fair for cultural and creative talents.

This live webcast recruitment week was hosted by the Red Culture Creative Base of Shanghai University Students, which was undertaken by the Shanghai Theatre Academy, and received support and response from 10 universities, including Tongji University, Donghua University, East China Normal University, Shanghai University, Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai University of Sport, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Shanghai University of Electric Power, Shanghai Jian Qiao University, and Shanghai Zhongqiao Vocational and Technical University.

Xie Wei, Party Secretary of the Shanghai Theatre Academy, delivered a speech at the first job fair of the recruitment week. Zhou Hongxing, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Student Affairs Center, and Zhang Weiling, Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President of Shanghai Theatre Academy, also made speeches.

The heads of relevant colleges and departments of the East China Normal University and the Shanghai Theatre Academy attended the event as representatives of the participating universities and made speeches, introducing the training mode of cultural and creative talents, the development trend of cultural and creative industries, and the basic situation of graduates.

The senior executive of the Shanghai Dramatic Art Center Co Ltd and heads of human resources of the Guangdong Radio and Television Station and the Shanghai Fengyuzhu Culture and Technology Co Ltd, as the representatives of the recruiting organizations, introduced the basic situation of the recruiting organizations and the demand for talents.

With the growing demand for cultural and creative talents, in order to help recruiting organizations understand graduates more deeply, meticulously and comprehensively, the student counselors from the East China Normal University, the Tongji University and the Shanghai Theatre Academy also came to the front stage from the back end and acted as the "talent recommendation officers". They recommended and introduced students through live webcast, building a bridge for employing organizations to understand the characteristics of graduates from various universities, and received enthusiastic response.

In the face of the challenges on the work of employment posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, economic downturn and other factors, this live webcast interview recruitment week that featured "big platform, new technology and true skill" effectively provided a rare opportunity and stage for graduates to broaden the employment channels

In recent years, in line with the solid deployment of the Ministry of Education, the Shanghai Theatre Academy has solidly pushed forward the special action of "President and Party Secretary Visiting Enterprises to Expand Job Vacancies and Promote Employment", which was to integrate the approach of "going out" with the approach of "inviting in", thus accelerating and driving the promotion of precise matching between employment and education, and carrying out the work of employment and entrepreneurship in a solid and detailed fashion.