Retired Professors Association of our university holds the 3rd general meeting and successfully completes the change of the association’s council


On the morning of 12 November 2022, the Retired Professors Association of Shanghai Theatre Academy held its 3rd general meeting, which was held in a combined mode of offline meeting and online live broadcast. More than 50 members attended the offline meeting. The general meeting elected the members of the new council. Ma Qinrong, Vice President of the Shanghai Retired Professors Association, and Yu Lizhong, Deputy Secretary-General of the Shanghai Retired Professors’ Association, were invited to attend the meeting. Xie Wei, Party Secretary of the Shanghai Theatre Academy, attended the meeting to extend the congratulations. The meeting was presided over by Professor Zhou Baodi, Vice President and Secretary-General of the 2nd Council of the Retired Professors Association of the university.

President Li Jianping, on behalf of the 2nd Council, made a work report to the general meeting. Xu Mingde, council members, made the financial report on behalf of the 2nd Council. Wang Fang, Executive Deputy Director of the Retired Personnel Affairs Office and Deputy Secretary of the General Party Branch of Retired Personnel, made a report to the general meeting on behalf of the Election Preparatory Working Group concerning the preparatory work for the election and the selection of candidates.

In accordance with the established principles and methods, the meeting elected the 3rd Council. The elected members of the new council were (in order of the number of strokes of their surnames): Wang Lijun, Wang Bonan, Liu Minghou, Li Jianping, Li Li, Li Haixia, Zhou Baodi, Guo Yu and Xu Mingde.

Subsequently, the 3rd Council held its first meeting, at which Li Jianping was elected as the President, Liu Minghou as the Vice President, and Zhou Baodi as the Vice President and Secretary-General.

The general meeting successfully completed all items on the agenda including the election of a new council. Vice President Ma Qinrong, on behalf of the Shanghai Retired Professors Association, extended warm congratulations on the successful convening of the general meeting. Xie Wei, Party Secretary of the Shanghai Theatre Academy, on behalf of the university’s Party Committee, expressed his heartfelt thanks and high respect for the efforts and contributions made by the Retired Professors Association over the past four years.

The new leadership team makes a new start! The new council expressed that it would earnestly study and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, broaden new horizons, and make new contributions to the work of our "profession" that cultivates artistic talents for the construction of Chinese-style modernization.