Shanghai Theatre Academy wins six Shanghai municipal prizes for outstanding teaching achievements, including one grand prize


In the upsurge of learning the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, how to further promote the high-quality development of education and teaching is one of the topics of concern to the Shanghai Theatre Academy.

Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission released the list of outstanding teaching achievements in Shanghai in 2022. "Shanghai Excellent Teaching Achievements" is an important indicator to highlight talent training and educational reform and innovation, and an important symbol to measure teaching level and quality. The teaching achievement award is also the highest award in the field of education.

On this year’s list, there are six outstanding teaching achievements from the Shanghai Theatre Academy, including one winning the grand prize. The total number of prizes exceeds the university's record of outstanding teaching achievements in previous years.

In the process of applying for this round of teaching achievements, the university attached great importance to it and made full efforts. The university organized four one-to-one guidance meetings of internal and external experts. Each project also held its own seminars according to the actual situation to continuously optimize the application documents. In the end, good results were achieved, including one grand prize, three first prizes and one second prize in the undergraduate category and one first prize in the postgraduate category.

Grand Prize

Originally Created Master Plays in Colleges and Universities - Opening up a New Path for Ideological and Political Education (Undergraduate)

First Prize

Innovative Practice of the Undergraduate Program of Theatre, Film and Television Actors Training for Ethnic Minorities (Undergraduate)

New Mode of Interdisciplinary Training of Theatre Talents with Comprehensive Quality (Undergraduate)

Cooperation between University and Local District to Produce Talents and Plays: Practice and Exploration of Shanghai Theatre Academy’s Teaching Bases for Playwriting in the Yangtze River Delta Region (Undergraduate)

Characteristic Cultivation of the Practical Ability for Intercultural Communication - Ten Years Construction of the Teaching of the MFA Dramatic Arts Program (Postgraduate)

Second Prize

Innovation and Practice of the Training System for First-class Talents in Dance Performance (Undergraduate)