STA Global Summer Film Camp is successfully concluded


On the evening of 4 August 2022, the graduation ceremony of the first Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) Global Summer Film Camp was successfully held.

Course Overview:

The first STA Global Summer Film Camp invited nine overseas film practitioners and three domestic film experts to deliver the course jointly.

This course lasted for eight days, with about six hours of online classes every day and real-time subtitles in Chinese and English throughout the course.

The contents of the course were arranged in a comprehensive and multi-angle manner, covering directing, production, lighting, cinematography, screenwriting, visual effects and artistic design for film, as well as sharing sessions featuring young directors and master directors respectively.

In delivering the course, the teachers taught their own experience and knowledge to the students through courseware display, practical experience sharing, Q&A, case study and other teaching methods; they narrowed the distance between themselves and the students with their humorous and approachable language; they treated every class and the questions of every student with a professional, rigorous and conscientious teaching attitude, and taught the students without any reservation; they fully demonstrated the solid professional ability of their own and the high professional quality of film practitioners, and truly achieved high-quality and high-level teaching that combined theory with practice.

The students registered for this course were from different countries in the world and different places in China, totaling more than 500 people. They included teachers and students from many universities such as Shanghai Theatre Academy, Communication University of China, Communication University of Zhejiang, Shandong University of Arts, Beijing Normal University, Wuhan University, Shanghai Normal University and Chongqing Normal University etc, as well as  well-known domestic film and television workers, photographers, editors and producers, a number of domestic TV stations and print media organizations, and international students (from Sweden, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Spain and other countries and regions). Eventually, a total of 442 film and television workers from the academic circles and the industry participated in the learning of the course, and actively carried out film related discussions and interactions in the official Wechat group after class.

At the graduation ceremony, Professor Li Zhenlin, dean of the Film College of Shanghai Theatre Academy, delivered a speech and also interacted with the students online exchanging the gains, experiences and reflections from learning this course.

The first STA Global Summer Film Camp officially closed. We would like to thank the teachers from all over the world for their hard work and dedication to teaching, and once again thank the students from all over the world for their active participation in this course. This learning experience is just a short part of everyone’s journey of film. It is hoped that in the days to come, everyone will keep the original aspiration in mind, forge ahead, live up to what has been learnt and live up to the expectations. It is believed that in the near future, we will meet again in even better shape.

This project was funded by the national first-class undergraduate major construction point of the Radio and Television Editing and Directing Major of the Film College of Shanghai Theatre Academy.