Seven courses of STA receive project approvals for Year 2022 Municipal-level Key Courses in Colleges and Universities in Shanghai


The “Notice of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission on Publishing the List of Project Approvals for the Year 2022 Municipal-level Key Courses of Colleges and Universities in Shanghai” was recently released.

All of the seven courses submitted by the Shanghai Theatre Academy received the project approvals. Among them, there are three offline courses, three online and offline mixed courses, and one social practice course.

STA will guide the construction of the approved courses in accordance with the construction requirements set forth in the relevant documents of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, such as the “Opinions on Implementing the Construction of First-class Undergraduate in Colleges and Universities in Shanghai”. We will pay attention to making the course construction innovative, demonstrative, leading and replicable, reflect the achievements of teaching reform, and reach the advanced level of similar courses in the city and even the whole country, thus driving the improvement of the university’s overall level of curriculum construction and quality of education and teaching.

The seven courses are:

Course: Classic Plays Teaching (Young Man’s Role)

Responsible Teacher: Jin Xiquan

Mode: Offline

Course: Research on the Techniques of Contemporary International Directors

Responsible Teacher: Lu Ang

Mode: Offline

Course: Fundamentals of Hosts’ Pronunciation

Responsible Teacher: Wang Qi

Mode: Offline

Course: Fundamentals of Stage Design

Responsible Teacher: Yi Tainfu

Mode: Online/Offline Mixed

Course: Repertoire Rehearsal (Chinese Dance)

Responsible Teacher: Zhuang Li

Mode: Online/Offline Mixed

Course: Planning and Management of Plays

Responsible Teacher: Wei Dongxiao

Mode: Online/Office Mixed

Course: Basic Exercises of Acting

Responsible Teacher: Zhang Xiao’ou

Mode: Social Practice