Our university holds a meeting to introduce and explain the newly issued policies on scientific research


On the afternoon of 2 June 2022, a meeting to introduce and explain the policies on scientific research newly issued by our university was successfully held via the Tencent platform. The meeting was presided over by Zhi Yunbo, deputy director of the Scientific Research Office. Relevant staff of the Scientific Research Department and some of the teachers and scientific research personnel of our university attended the meeting.

At the meeting, deputy director Zhi Yunbo first introduced the background and overall situation of the three new scientific research systems issued in the first half of 2022, namely, the regulations on the support plan for scientific research projects of Shanghai Theatre Academy, the administrative measures for the publication of academic works of Shanghai Theatre Academy, and the administrative measures for the central financial scientific research projects of Shanghai Theatre Academy. After that, guzhouyin, LAN Tao, and Tang Rui made specific publicity and interpretation of the three systems in turn. In the last interactive session, the participating teachers and researchers actively asked questions, and the staff of the scientific research office gave detailed answers to the questions raised by everyone.

Finally, deputy director Zhi Yunbo expressed his thanks for your attendance and further elaborated on the common problems raised. Through this presentation, our teachers and researchers have a deep understanding of the newly promulgated scientific research system, which will further ensure the standardization of scientific research activities, strive to create a good scientific research atmosphere, and release and enhance the academic innovation and autonomy of our teachers and researchers.