Children’s Day celebration for children of teachers and staff of Department of Dramatic Literature is successfully held


Under the COVID pandemic, teachers have been concerned about students and teaching. Under the high pressure, they have carried out various kinds of work in an orderly fashion. When taking good care of students, they have sometimes neglected their own children. On the occasion of the Children’s Day on 1 June, in order to enhance the cohesion of the team of teachers and administrative staff of the Department of Dramatic Literature and create a good parent-child relationship, the trade union of the Department of Dramatic Literature carefully planned and held the Children’s Day celebration for the children of the teachers and staff of the Department of Dramatic Literature".

At 3 pm on 29 May, the children and their parents got together online on time. The celebration was presided over by Wan Qing, chairperson of the trade union of the Department of Dramatic Literature. At the same time, Zhang Yunlei, executive vice chairperson of the trade union of the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) and director of the International Exchange Center, was also invited to attend. Zhang Yunlei said that she was very happy to participate in this event and mingle with the children, and she hoped that the pandemic would end soon so that the children could be invited to visit the beautiful campus of STA.

The first part of the event was the children's talent show. In this part, a total of 14 children showed their versatility through recorded videos, including ballet and other dances, violin, accordion, piano and other musical instruments, and one of the children even performed a short sitcom of science popularization with his father.

The second part of the event was to play games. Led by Shen Mengni (a student of BA Theatre Education 2020) who was the MC of the event, the children started the game of imitating cultural relics. Through playing the game, they got to know these treasures of Chinese civilization and the historical stories behind these cultural relics.

In the third part was to share the Children’s Day messages sent by the parents' representatives via video in which they wished all children a happy holiday and healthy growth. Many of our teachers have been unable to meet the children often because of the pandemic, and the original intention of this event was to enable the parents to have more time with their children more.

In the last part of the event, led by Tang Ruochu, daughter of teacher Qian Jue, a birthday song was sung for the children whose birthdays fall within the COVID prevention and control period. The event was successfully concluded in the beautiful melody of children's voice.

The successful holding of this online Children’s Day celebration provided a platform for the children of the teachers and staff of the Department of Dramatic Literature to show themselves, get to know and communicate with each other in a colorful program of activities, and reflect a positive, optimistic and enterprising spirit in actively participating in the various activities. At the same time, through this event, it was to build a platform for interaction between children and their parents and among teachers and staff, as so to create a sound parent-child relationship and enhance the cohesion and sense of belonging of the Department of Dramatic Literature.