Move forward with art – Academic Affairs Office works to ensure smooth and effective operation of online teaching during COVID pandemic


Facing the current severe and complex COVID pandemic, as a member of an art university, what should we do and how should we do? In this special period, we will truly record every bit of the actions taken by the teachers, students and staff of the Shanghai Theatre Academy. Art is a kind of warmth, art is also a kind of power, art can bring strength to others, and art can also inspire ourselves. Move forward with art! COVID pandemic is temporary, but art will last forever.

In the spring of 2022, the COVID pandemic suddenly hit Shanghai. Under the unified deployment of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, the Shanghai Theater Academy launched the all-round online teaching on 14 March. All the teachers of the university actively engaged in online teaching, with great efforts to reasonably adjust the teaching content, organically promote curriculum-based ideological and political education, timely integrated various kinds of components such as life education and mental health, take the pandemic prevention and control as the most vivid teaching materials and refine the educational elements from the anti-COVID battle, thereby jointly opening up a new mode of "on-cloud education of people".

At the same time, the Academic Affairs Office has also switched on the on-cloud assurance mode to fully ensure the smooth and effective operation of education and teaching through its work mainly in following three aspects, i.e. whole-process technical support to help with teachers’ online teaching; daily posts via the "STA Academic Affairs Office" official Wechat account to create a strong teaching atmosphere; weekly lectures as the core of the teaching development program.