Move forward to art - Dare to break through & Be good at entrepreneurship


Facing the current severe and complex pandemic situation, as a member of an art university, what should we do and how should we do? In this special period, we will truly record every bit of the actions taken by the teachers, students and staff of the Shanghai Theatre Academy. Art is a kind of warmth, art is also a kind of power, art can bring strength to others, and art can also inspire ourselves. Move forward with art! The pandemic is temporary, but art will last forever.

The final of the 2022 College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest of Shanghai Theater Academy, which attracted much attention in this special period of time, was successfully held online on 12 May.

Huang Changyong, deputy party secretary and president of the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA), Fei Leiying, director of the Entrepreneurship Guidance Office of Shanghai Employment Promotion Centre, Wang Tao, deputy director of the Shanghai Student Affairs Centre, and other leaders and guests came to the on-cloud site of the contest to give guidance. 11 experts on innovation and entrepreneurship from various fields, including Che Che, an alumna of STA, and Zhang Xiaoding, general manager of the Shanghai Grand Theater, served as judges.

As from March, a total of 62 entrepreneurial teams signed up for this innovation and entrepreneurship contest. After heated competition in the preliminaries and semi-finals, 20 teams entered the final. The total prize amount of this contest was RMB200,000, all of which was provided by the "Fuel for Entrepreneurship" program of the Shanghai Jing'an District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.

The defense roadshow of the final was divided into two tracks: the main track and the red cultural tourism track. The five elements of scoring for the main track were innovation, team, business, employment and effect on guiding education. The six elements of scoring for the red cultural tourism track included innovation, team, effectiveness, sustainability, public welfare and effect on guiding education.

The main race track and the red cultural tourism track each awarded one first prize, two second prizes, three third prizes and four single-category prizes. The project "Happy Painting Box - Development of Picture Book Based Hand Puppet Plays Box" and the project "Cultural Museum Theater - Museum Drama to Create a New Business Form of "Cultural Education + Cultural Tourism" won the first prize of the main track and the first prize of the red cultural tourism track respectively.