The expert consultation meeting of Shanghai Collaborative Innovation Centre for Chinese Opera Culture of Shanghai Theatre Academy is successfully held


On the afternoon of 28 December, the expert consultation meeting of the Shanghai Collaborative Innovation Center for Chinese Opera of Shanghai Theatre Academy was successfully held in the conference room on the third floor of the Administrative Building on the Lianhua Road Campus. According to the management requirements for collaborative innovation centres set by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, the regular activities of collaborative innovation centres include consultation activities with relevant experts on a regular basis. The meeting was conducted in an online and offline-combined way, and many famous scholars, industry experts and artists in the field of Chinese opera culture in China were invited to the meeting to share their opinions and suggestions on the collaborative innovation for Chinese opera.

Professor Li Peihong, dean of the College of Chinese Opera and director of the Shanghai Culture Collaborative Innovation Center for Chinese Opera, delivered a speech on behalf of the collaborative innovation center, and made a detailed progress report of the centre for 2021 and the development plan of the center for 2022. Professor Zhi Yunbo, head of the Research Department of STA, introduced the requirements and relevant conditions for the establishment and management of collaborative innovation centres in Shanghai. Qi Jisong, deputy director of the centre, introduced the basic situation of the Shanghai Culture Collaborative Innovation Centre for Chinese Opera, and elaborated on the "three-new plan" focusing on the three core issues and directions of artistic creation, theoretical research and talent training mode. Zhang Junzhi, vice president of the center, put forward his own views on the "collaboration" and "innovation" for Chinese opera culture and on the possibilities existed between science and technology and opera. Professor Yang Yang, vice president of the Shanghai Theatre Academy, delivered a speech on behalf of the university.

Then, other leaders, experts and teachers attending the meeting put forward their own valuable suggestions with regard to the future development direction of the Shanghai Collaborative Innovation Centre for Chinese Opera, integration of Chinese opera and science and technology, collaborative innovation mechanism, exploration and creation of new plays, practical performances, talent training, theoretical summarization, normalized operation and sustainable development of the centre, dissemination of Chinese opera culture in the new environment etc.

Gu Haohao, chairman of the Shanghai Dramatists Association and director of the Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe, expressed congratulations on the establishment of the centre and put forward suggestions on the coordination between the centre and the Shanghai Chinese Opera Art Center. She hoped that the center would become another important platform for Shanghai to display excellent Chinese opera culture, be able to keep the traditions and move forward with innovations in Chinese opera culture and art, and collaborate with all types of Chinese opera and all kinds of Chinese opera troupes for common development.