Yimeng spirit and immersive drama creation and performance


The general Party branch of STA’s College of Creative Studies has been persistent with the innovative dissemination of red culture. After being recently identified as the "Exemplary Point for Party Branches Construction in Shanghai", it has planned and launched a new party history learning and education series project, i.e. "Spiritual Pedigree of Chinese Communists and Literary and Artistic Creation".

The "Spiritual Pedigree of Chinese Communists and Literary and Artistic Creation" series project will combine the characteristics of art colleges and universities, and will deepen the understanding of the spiritual pedigree of Chinese Communists and strengthen the artistic expression with the characteristics of the times from the perspective of artistic creation.

On 25 November, the first lecture of this series project, i.e. "Yimeng Spirit and Immersive Drama Creation and Performance", was launched at the Foxi Library on the Changlin Road Campus. The lecture invited Han Sheng, professor at the College of Creative Studies and famous stage design artist, who is also a Party member, to be the speaker. In recent years, as the artist director, Professor Han Sheng has participated in the planning and creation of “Four Seasons in Yimeng • Red Sisters”, an immersive literature epic theatre. During the lecture, Professor Han Sheng systematically introduced the planning, implementation and operation of the project, as well as a series of explorations arising therefrom. Professor Han Sheng stressed that taking “Four seasons in Yimeng • Red Sisters” as the starting point, the pan is to build a culture-ecology integration park, further optimize the tourism industry, extend the cultural industry chain, build the Yimeng red film and television entertainment town, truly improve the people's living standards in Yimeng area, strive to revitalize the countryside, and ensure that the people have a greater sense of benefit and happiness.

Fang Jun, secretary of the general Party branch of the College of Creative Studies, summarized the lecture as the host of the activity. Also, in combination with the party history immersive drama "Look for the Twelfth Person" performed in the Pujiang Country Park that the College of Creative Studies had been involved, Tang Fang, deputy secretary of the general Party branch of the College of Creative Studies, encouraged teachers and students to draw nutrients from Professor Han Sheng's lecture and carry out artistic creation of value and significance in an even better way.