Professor Gan Feng's lecture on “Research Trend of the Science of Art and Key Research Topics in the 14th Five-Year Plan Period” is held in our university


On 23 November, hosted by the Research Office, Teachers' Work Department, Art Research Institute and Graduate School of Shanghai Theatre Academy, Professor Gan Feng'slecture entitledResearch Trend of the Science of Art and Key Research Topics in the 14th Five-Year Plan Period was successfully held in the conference room on the west side of the second floor of Foxi Building. The lecture was presided over by Professor Zhi Yunbo, deputy director of the Research Office.

Professor Gan Feng is now the deputy director of the Social Science Department, professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Art, Southeast University; director of the China Art Development Evaluation Institute, National Culture and Tourism Think Tank, council member of the Social Science Branch of China Higher Education Society, and vice chairman of the Jiangsu Young Artists Association; visiting associate professor of Brown University and visiting scholar of Stanford University, USA;

With the two themes of "Research Trend of the Science ofArt" and "Key Research Topics in the 14th Five-Year Plan Period" as the basic orientations, Professor Gan Feng brought a wonderful speech of guiding significance to the audience by fully combining his personal academic research background and his studying and living experiences at home and abroad, and closely following the current affairs and political hot issues and the current theoretical issues at leading edgeProfessor Gan Feng vividly reviewed the development of the science of art since it became the 13th discipline category in 2011 and the basic situation of the science of art projects of the National Social Science Fund of China, and summarized the achievements and progress made in the discipline construction.

In the interactive session, teachers and students asked questions enthusiastically. Professor Gan Feng answered the questions one by one and in detail, with citations of the artistic views and works of famous personages in ancient and modern times and at home and abroad, and in combination with the current hot topics such as "meta universe", "short video" and "venture capital". He also put forward practical suggestions and opinions on paper submission, project application and research field selection from a professional perspective. Professor Gan Feng's lecture was both interesting and thought-provoking, and was warmly welcomed by the audience.