Four projects! STA has taken solid steps in this field


According to the Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Education on Recommending Research and Reform Practice Projects in New Liberal Arts (JGTH [2021] No. 10), the Ministry of Education has recently identified and officially announced 1011 research and reform practice projects in new liberal arts after going through the process of recommendation by owning institutions, online review, deliberation at in-person meeting and online public disclosure.

In the order of announced list, these four projects are Exploration and Practice of Film Specialty Construction Based on the Development Orientation of Film Sciences Academy and Film Business School (Project Leader: Li Zhenlin); Construction of the Chinese Theatre Acting and Directing School and the Excellent TalentTraining System (Project Leader: Lu Ang); Construction Practice of Curriculum System and Teaching Material System of Art Management Specialty Based on the Characteristics of Overlapping, Integration and Application (Project Leader: Huang Changyong); Innovative Practice and Exploration of "Chinese Theatre Story Factory" (Project Leader: Lu Jun).

81 projects from higher education institutions in Shanghai were selected into the first batch of research and reform practice projects in new liberal arts of the Ministry of Education. The number of projectsselected from the Shanghai Theatre Academy ranked among the top among higher art education institutions in China.