"Aesthetics and Goodness: Theatre, Film and Television Masters' Lecture Series" co-organized by our university is successfully held


On the afternoon of 10 November, thetwelfth lecture of the fourth season of the "Aesthetics and Goodness: Theatre, Film and Television Masters Lecture Series" was held, which was co-sponsored by the Teaching Steering Committee of Theatre, and Film and Television Majorsin Higher Education Institutions of the Ministry of Education and the Shanghai Theatre Academy, and co-organized by the College of Film of Shanghai Theatre Academy, the Asian and Chinese Film Research Center of Beijing Normal University and the China Art Education Research Center of Beijing Normal University. Professor Liu Qing and Professor Li Zhenlin of the Shanghai Theatre Academy, as well as many well-known experts and scholars from other universities andorganizations, were invited to make insightful speeches on the topic of "The Development of Professional Chain for Film Education". Professor Zhang Yan and Professor Li Zhenlin presided over the academic salon. This lecture was broadcast live on Bilibili, Xiaoe and the Kuaishou account of BNU Asian and Chinese Film Research Centerand other platforms.

This lecture continued and further promoted the hot theoretical topics at the leading edge of drama, film and television in the post-pandemic and intelligent era, and actively contributed to the construction of art categories and theatre, film and television disciplines under the background of new liberal arts. Going forward, there will be more lectures to come. Please stay tuned.