Short film "The Red Kite", graduation production created by MFA students of our university, wins awards such as "Barcelona International Film Festival - Best Foreign Language Short”


At the recently announced "Barcelona International Film Festival 2021" and "Florence Film Awards", the joint graduation short film "The Red Kite" created by Liu Chen of MFA Film and Television Directing 2018, and Duan Ran of MFA Cinematography and Recording 2018 of our university won the awards of "Barcelona International Film Festival - Best Foreign Language Short” and "Florence Film Awards - Honorable Mention for Short Film".

"The Red Kite" is a short film created byLiu Chen of MFA Film and Television Directing (Instructor: Hou Yong) and Duan Ra of MFA Cinematography and Recording 2018 (Instructor: Gao Xinyu). The film is drawn from some real cases of students in some remote areas in China pursuing their studies during the severe COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The story is about the local governments and Party members leading the people to fight against the pandemic and shows the family lives and emotions of the people in the remote areas in the special background of the pandemic. On 13 May 2021, the film had its first public screening within the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA). The screening had a great effect, and the film was widely praised by teachers and students of STA. At present, this work has been listed as an excellent graduation work of the College of Film of Shanghai Theatre Academy.

The Barcelona International Film Festival is the official international film festival and competition of Spain, and the participating films are excellent independent films and producers from all over the world. The Florence Film Awards is an International film festival held once a month in Tuscany, Italy with films solicited from all over the world, and the selected films are screened at the Florence International Film Academy every month. Both film festivals are IMDB certified international film festivals.

So far, the film "The Red Kite" has also been nominated for the Best Student Short Film at the 2021 Montreal Independent Film Festival. It has also been shortlisted for the short film unit of the 11th Sessions By Lift-Off Global Network, with the final results yet to be announced.

The awards won by the graduation production of the two students have shown the achievements and strength of our university in film and television education and teaching.