STA and SFGC look forward to working hand in hand


On 2 November, Wang Jian’er, party secretary and chairman of the Shanghai Film Group Corporation (SFGC), and party visited the Changlin Road campus of Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA).

The Changlin Road campus of Shanghai Theatre Academy was opened in 2019 and is positioned as a film, television and new media center in the planning of the entire university. Wang Jian’er and his party visited various teaching facilities such as theater, studio, projection hall and recording studio in the Changlin Road campus. After the visit, Wang Jian’er and his party had a discussion with leaders of the Shanghai Theatre Academy and heads of the relevant colleges and departments. The meeting was presided over by Zhang Weiling, deputy secretary and vice president of the Shanghai Theatre Academy.

Wang Jian’er described the relationship between the two organizations as "brothers, good mentors and helpful friends". The association between the Shanghai Theatre Academy and the Shanghai Film Group Corporation has a long history, and a large number of STA graduates have become the backbone of SFGC. He said that in the new era, the Shanghai Film Group will focus on creating high-quality products, apply innovative technologies to promote digital transformation and achieve high-quality development. The new industry pattern is in urgent need of young innovative talents, and that it is for this reason, SFGC will continue to work with STA to carry out more extensive cooperation in such aspects as resources, projects and talents etc.

Xie Wei, party secretary of the Shanghai Theatre Academy, extended a warm welcome to Wang Jian’er and his party, and suggested that both sides actively carry out practical cooperation in the following aspects:

  1. Promote co-education of talents and cultivate high-level talents suitable for the development needs of the industry;

  2. Promote resource sharing and explore the sharing and co-development of hardware and software resources;

  3. Promote the co-creation of works, and incubate and create literary and artistic masterpieces together;

  4. Promote collaboration on party building, and take party building as the guide to promote in-depth university-industry partnership on industry, education and research to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

The two sides also discussed matters with regard to establishing a cooperation framework and signing a cooperation agreement.

Wang Jun, president of SFGC, and Xu Chunping, vice president of SFGC, Yang Yang, vice president of STA, Zhang Jiachun, chief accountant of STA, and other relevant persons from both sides attended the discussion.