Teachers and students of STA College of Creative Studies learn party history and commemorate heroes and martyrs on Martyrs' Day


30 September is the Martyrs' Day in our country. This year marks the eighth Martyrs' Day. On 30 September 2021, the party general branch of the College of Creative Studies of Shanghai Theatre Academy held a party day event with the theme of "Eternal Glory to the People's Heroes" at the Changlin Road campus, deeply remembering the heroes who sacrificed themselves for the noble and just cause and drawing from them the strength to forge ahead on the New Long March.

The party day event with theme of commemorating heroes and martyrs began with the magnificent "March of the Volunteers." Fang Jun, secretary of the party general branch of the College of Creative Studies, first elaborated on the origin of China's Martyrs' Day and its great significance. Subsequently, three student party members respectively told the stories about martyrs. After telling three stories about martyrs, Kong Xiaolei, the student counselor, read the letter written by young people in the new era to Chen Yannian and other revolutionary martyrs. At the end of the party day event, all the teachers and students stood up to review the inscriptions on the Monument to the People's Heroes and sang the song "Ode to the Motherland".