Professor Zhu Liyuan delivers "Marxist Theory of Literature and Art" course for postgraduate students of our university


On the afternoon of 10 September, MrZhu Liyuan, honorary dean of the School of Marxism of Shanghai Theatre Academy and senior professor of liberal arts of Fudan University, delivered the course of "Marxist Theory of Literature and Art" for new students of MFA Class of 2021 at the Lianhua Road Campus. In the course which ran for the whole afternoon, Professor Zhu Liyuan talked about the "Marxist Realistic Theory of Literature and Art" as the theme. His explanation was clear and explicit, deep-going but easy to understand simple, bringing a feast of knowledge about Marxist realistic theory of literature and art to our postgraduate students.

On the afternoon of 17 September, Professor Zhu Liyuan came to university again and brought the course of "Marxist Theory of Literature and Art" to postgraduate students at the Changlin Road Campus of Shanghai Theatre Academy. The course lasted for the whole afternoon, during which Mr Zhu started from Marx and Engels' theory of literature and art, and explained the realistic theory of literature and art from multiple perspectives. Mr. Zhu's explained the profound matters in simple and logical terms. In the fully seated classroom, the students spent the whole afternoon immersed in Mr Zhu's class, and benefited greatly from it.