Thematic class meeting of College of Chinese Opera’s BA Puppet Performance 2021 is held successfully


The thematic class meeting is not only an important position for our university to carry out moral education, but also an important carrier of our university’s student work. On 17 September, the thematic class meeting of BA Puppet Performance 2021 was held at the Lianhua Road Campus. All students of BA Puppet Performance 2021, Mr Qin Feng, head teacher of the class, and Mr Qi Jisong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch in the College of Chinese Opera, attended the event. This class meeting was privileged to have Ms Yang Fan, an ex-female soldier in the People’s Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison who just retired earlier this month, former president of the Shanghai Theatre Academy Student Union and an outstanding graduate of BA Puppet Performance 2015, to share her wonderful university life and learning experience.