Class of 2021 new overseas students successfully complete enrolment registration


On 6 September, the registration for the Class of 2021 new overseas students of Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) went smoothly as scheduled. Fall 2021, our university admitted a total of 60 overseas students, including one undergraduate student, eight masters degree students (including five students of intercultural communication studies) and one preparatory program student from America, Canada, Georgia, Kazakhstan andSouth Korea , seven exchange students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and 42non-degree Chinese language students from Russia, Ukraine and South Korea.

According to the latest requirements of COVID-19 prevention and control in Shanghai and the notification of epidemic prevention issued by the education authorities, and in taking the actual situation of our university into consideration, new overseas students for degree programscompleted the enrolment registration on-campus, subject to having provided theirQR code for health and QR code for travel history. New overseas students for non-degree programs completed the online registration procedure and will attend the online courses in this semester.

The recruitment of overseas students has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic to some extent. However, the International Exchange Center of STA has made great efforts to expand recruitment channels, increase publicity, and improve management and service levels, so as to ensure the steady and smooth progression of the work concerning overseas students.