Shanghai Theatre Academy holds 2021-2022 academic year opening ceremony


On 8 September, the Shanghai Theatre Academy 2021-2022 Academic Year Opening Ceremony was held online and offline at the Oriental Land and the STA Experimental Theater. Huang Changyong, President of the Shanghai Theatre Academy, delivered the president’s speech at the ceremony. Wu Aili, Director of the Development Planning Office, Director of the Discipline Development Office and Director of the Teaching Quality Supervision and Assurance Office, made a speech as the teachers’ representative. Hu Ge, a famous young actor, spoke as the alumni representative. Four freshmen of Class of 2021, on behalf of all students of Shanghai Theatre Academy, issued the proposal of "We want to become literary and art workers of the new era". The statement that we want to be an art student with people's standpoint and with excellence in both moral integrity and artistic skills was the strongest voice of this year’s opening ceremony of STA. This opening ceremony was a solemn declaration of the Shanghai Theatre Academy as an art university. We still have a long way to go, but we will keep “things of vital importance to our nation” firmly in mind, and move forward with determination.