STA holds 2020-2021 training course for newly employed management and teaching support staff


At the beginning of the new semester, the 2020-2021 Training Course for Newly EmployedManagement and Teaching Support Staff of Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) officially opened.

This training for newly employedmanagement and teaching support staff was organized by the Personnel Office and theTeacher Affairs Department of STA, and executed by the Senior Managers Development and Training Center of East China Normal University. The participants to the training were management and teaching support staff newly employed by STA in 2020-2021.

Huang Changyong, Deputy PartySecretary and President of STA, made a speech at the opening ceremony and put forward specific expectations for the staff who participated in the training. Subsequently, Huang Changyong gave the first lesson to the trainees on the topic of "How Do We Actas a STAer Today".

Chen Yun, Director of the Organization Department, Director of the Personnel Office and Director of the Teacher Affairs Department, introduced the purposes and requirements of this training, and encouraged the newly employed management and teaching support staff, as the fresh blood of the university, to effectively and orderly integrate themselves into the work and life of with increased enthusiasm.

Li Zhixian, a secretary at the Office of the Party Committee and the President, spoke on behalf of the trainees, saying that they would complete the learning tasks with guaranteed quality and quantity during the training process; they would strengthen communication with colleagues from all departments; they would strive to improve their professional competence and comprehensive quality through the training, so as to better serve all teachers and students in the future work and make their own contribution to the development of STA.