"Shanghai Theatre Academy" account on Xuexi platform is launched today


On 1 September, the "Shanghai Theatre Academy" account was launched on the Xuexi platform.


This account on the Xuexi platform is an important front for Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) to further study, publicize and implement the Xi Jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics in thenew era and fulfill the fundamental task of moral education. It is an important carrier for the university to practice its motto of "Perfection and Excellence", inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of running a university, and do a good job in delivering art education to the satisfaction of the people. It is also an important window to tell the story, show the image and spread the voice of STA.


The "Shanghai Theatre Academy" account on the Xuexi platform has a number of columns which use the means of image, text, audio and video to comprehensively demonstrate the progress and achievements of the university inthe areas of education and teaching, creation and performance, international exchange etc.

Please subscribe and follow the Shanghai Theatre Academy account on the Xuexi platform.