Shanghai Theatre Academy Holds Wrap-up and Exchange Meeting on 2020 Annual Audit and Internal Control


On the morning of 30 December, the wrap-up and exchange meeting on 2020 annual audit and internal control was held in the conference room on the first floor of the Foxi Building. Entrusted by President of STA Huang Changyong, Zhang Jiachun, deputy leader of the internal control leading group and chief accountant of STA, presided over the meeting. Xie Wei, party secretary of STA, Zhou Yin’e, deputy secretary of STA and secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, party and administrative heads of various functional offices, colleges and departments of the university, as well as members of the internal control group from the party and president’s office, organization department, audit office and finance office attended the meeting.

The first stage was the wrap-up meeting on audit work. Xie Wei, party secretary of STA, made a speech first. He stressed the importance of audit and internal control in the reform and development of the university, and highly recognized the work undertaken in 2020 in terms of rectifying the problems identified in audit and internal control process. For some historical problems still in existence, he asked all departments to continue to work hard, coordinate with each other and strive to implement the rectification within the prescribed timeframe. Lu Hailian, director of the Audit Office, Chen Yun, director of the Organization Department, Li Zhenlin, dean of the film academy (as the representative of auditees), and Zhang Jiachun, chief accountant of STA, spoke and exchanged views one after another at the meeting.

The second stage was the working meeting on internal control. Lu Hailian, director of the Audit Office, reported the overall situation of internal control in 2020. The project manager of Deloitte reported the preliminary evaluation outcomes of the special inspection of internal control in 2020. Then, Zhou Yin’e, secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, made a speech. Huang Changyong, president of STA, was unable to join the meeting as he had another important meeting to attend, so he entrusted Zhang Jiachun, chief accountant of STA, to speak on his behalf.

He pointed out that 2020 was a special year, with the double victories of COVID-19 prevention and control and economic and social development, being the key preparatory year for the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and being the closing year of the 13th Five Year Plan and the starting year of the 14th Five Year Plan. He said that it was also the critical period for the fifth round of discipline assessments and special assessments of the university, and called for all units of the university to concentrate on the final success, and for the functional offices to wholeheartedly provide support and assurance to all colleges and departments. At the same time, he pointed out that the work of internal control is always in progress, and that constant efforts should be made to strengthen the internal control on and around the university's strategic development goals, so as to safeguard the rapid development of the university.