Other Important Information


OtherImportant Information

  1. The beginning and the ending of the semesters

TheFall semester usually starts in the first week of September and endsin the week before Christmas. The spring semester usually starts bythe end of February or the beginning of March and finishes by the endof June. Each semester is 16 weeks long. Please refer to the AcademicCalendar for the exact schedule.

  1. Climate:

Shanghaihas four distinct seasons. It’s hot in Summer and cold in Winter.In July and August, the average temperature is 25-32℃ and thehighest temperature can reach 40℃. The rainy season is from the endof June to July. People need to prepare umbrellas, sunglasses andsunscreen. Winter is coldest from late January to early February. Theaverage temperature is around 4℃, and sometimes less than 0℃.

  1. Campus Wi-Fi :

FreeWi-Ficovers the whole Huashan Campus of STA. Wi-FiAccount for STA students: STA-Student.

ForICS student or exchange student:

User’sname: Your student’s Number

Initialpassword: Last 6 numbers of your passport

Forother students,please contact the Foreign Student’s Office for the account andpassword.

  1. Chinese Mobile Phone Number:

Onecan get a Chinese mobile phone number or buy telephone card at anybusiness hall of China Mobile. The closest one to STA is at 236Yuyuan Road.

  1. Bank Card

Forscholarship student, the stipend will be transferred to the student’sbank card.STA only accepts the bank card issued by China Construction Bank(CCB).Please bring your passportadmissionletter and residence certificate to get the card for free in anydivision of CCB. English service is available there. If your mid-nameis too long, please only use your first name and family name to openthe account.

  1. Most Commonly-Used Websites:

ShanghaiTheatre Academy http://www.sta.edu.cn,and this is the portal site of our school, where the most recent newsand information could be easily retrieved.

Anotheris http://liuxuesheng.sta.edu.cn/,and this is the portal site of International students Office whichmay become the most important site during your study. Here, the mostrecent activities and notices will be found.

  1. Academic Resources:

CNKI(中国知网)isa professional website providing huge amount of academic resources.You can login the website and download the materials for free ONLY inthe building of the library(automaticallylogin with IP address)You don't need the student card to doit. Here's the English website of CNKI: 


Youcan also apply for a reading card in Shanghai City Library with yourpassport. There's a room of foreign language books and journels onthe 4th floor. You can read there, but cannot borrow the books out ofthe library. Here's the address of Shanghai City Library:1555 MiddleHuahai Rd (淮海中路1555).

  1. Hospitals

HuadongHospital and Huashan Hospital arenearby. Near the gate there is a LEIYUN SHANG Pharmacy.

  1. Printing & copying service

Onlycopying service is available on F2 of the library on Huashan Campus.The closest printing/copying shops: No. 1 Lane 75, Zhu’anbing Rd E.东诸安浜路751号。Tel:电话62402977

  1. Transportation around STA:

Thereare 925, 925B, 127 and other buses at the bus station on West Yan’anRoad, Most of these buses can take you to the city center.

Youcan take line 2 and line 7 at the Jing'an Temple subway station, andthen change to other lines. Taxi starts at 14 RMB.

10.Diploma & Degree Certification Service:

Youcan go to ShanghaiForeign Affairs Service Centerto translate your degree or diploma. Here's the address and phonenumber:

AddF2228 Huashan Rd