Continuing Education


The College of Continuing Education makes use of the good teaching resources to provide arts education for the professionals and art lovers, while providing experience for the reform of higher learning.

The college is formed by the teaching facilities on Huashan Road Campus, Lianhua Road Campus, Fuxing Road Campus and Damuqiao Road Campus, with different programs from high school to undergraduate students. It offers courses under three main categories of literature, management and education, covering 10 majors and 12 specialties of Acting, Directing, Drama TV and Film Design, Broadcasting and TV Hosting, Dance, Choreography, TV & Film Programming and Directing, Public Administration, Character Design, Culture & Arts Management.

Sharing the same atmosphere of sincere and practical teaching at STA, the college has been growing in the past decades. Many of the graduates, including Dong Qing, Ning Jing, Liu Xiaofeng, Ji Pingping, Guan Yancao, Wang Rousang, and Yang Ya, are playing active roles on the national art stage, receiving acclaim from all over the country.

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