College of Film & TV


The College of Film & TV hosts two majors: Film, TV & Broadcasting Programming and Directing, TV Hosting. Broadcasting & TV Studies is selected as key major in Shanghai. The teaching team for TV hosting program is entitled the municipal level teaching team for higher learning in Shanghai. The major of TV & Broadcasting Programming and Directing is a national specialized major with the honor by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance. TV & Broadcasting Programming and Directing and TV Hosting also won the title as level 1 specialized major in Shanghai.

The main courses in TV & Broadcasting Programming and Directing are: exercise of playwriting elements, sketch writing, TV screenwriting, basic acting and directing, theory and skills of TV program directing, interview and news writing, documentary making, broadcasting programming, TV program planning, MV and CF making.

Main courses in TV Hosting are: TV hosting theories, reading of TV hosting programs, vocal training for hosting, writing for hosting, language for hosting, space skills for hosting, hosting program planning.

Among them there are two model courses in Shanghai: documentary making, TV program planning; and four key courses in Shanghai: writing for hosting, basic acting and directing, theory and skills of TV program directing, language for hosting.

The teachers of the college have received many awards, including the Five-One Project Award, Flying Sky Award, Huabiao Award, Golden Hawk Award, Golden Bell Award, Magnolia Award, Shanghai University Teaching Award, Bao Steel High Art Award, Yucai Award, Bole Award, Art Teaching Award, and others.

In the past decade the graduates from the college have won many awards in national competitions on TV, such as the TV Hosting Award, Golden Microphone Award, Golden Hawk Award for Top Ten TV Hosts, Best TV Host Award in Variety Shows.

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