Dramatic Literature Department


The Department of Dramatic Literature hosts three majors: Playwriting and Screenwriting, Public Administration, and Arts Education.

The main courses are: playwriting and its theory, dramatic theory and theoretical writing, history of Chinese opera, history of modern Chinese drama, history of foreign drama, basic playwriting theory, original theatre workshop, selective reading of famous Chinese and foreign dramas, acting theory and practice, operation and practice of art projects, etc.

Out of the 25 faculty members there are 7 professors, 4 associate professors, of whom 8 hold PhDs. There are two “national experts with outstanding contribution”, one “outstanding expert by Ministry of Culture”, one chairman and one vice chairman of national academic associations, and two chairmen and two vice chairmen of municipal-level academic associations.

The department has achieved a great deal in developing courses and textbooks. The History of Chinese Opera was selected as a national model course. The History of Modern Chinese Drama, Playwriting Theory and Skills, and Basic Playwriting Theory are selected as key courses in Shanghai. Textbooks “Playwriting Theory and Skills” and “History of Modern Chinese Drama” have won first and second prizes of good textbooks in higher education in Shanghai in 2007.

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