Acting Department


The main courses are: acting, acting theories, voice, speech, movement, introduction to arts, and so on. The key courses are “acting in scenes” and “acting fundamentals”.

With the principle of “inheriting good tradition, innovating teaching ideas and enriching teaching methods”, Department of Acting has made good achievements in teaching, acting and research through the international exchange, master classes, workshops and creative studios, winning the attention and praise home and abroad.

Ethnic minority students make a highlight in the department. It has trained several acting classes for the undergraduate students from Tibet and Inner Mongolia, making great contribution to the unity and development of ethnic groups in China.

Many faculty members in the Department of Acting have won awards such as the “Yucai Award” in Shanghai, and “Best Director Award” in the “Golden Lion Award” of Chinese drama.

As one of the most important departments in STA, the Department of Acting has been growing with the academy since its founding. By now it has cultivated numerous acting talents in the fields of stage drama, TV & film, and musical. More than 100 students have won various grand awards, such as Hundred Flowers Award, Golden Rooster Award, Golden Hawk Award, Plum Blossom Award, Golden Lion Award, Wenhua Award, Huabiao Award, and Magnolia Award. It is the cradle of acting artists in China.

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