Stage Design


The Department of Stage Design hosts the major of Theatre, TV & Film Design, which includes three specialties: stage design, lighting design, and costume and makeup design, as well as art design and theatre management.

The main courses are: history of Chinese and foreign fine arts, history of Chinese and foreign architecture, history of Chinese and foreign costumes, history of theatres, stage design, lighting design, makeup design, costume design and others.

The department is taking the lead nationwide in academic achievements, teaching, research and design. Design teachers have been nominated for many times in the “Wenhua Stage Art Award”, “Bao Steel Art Award”, “Bao Steel Education Award”, “Bao Steel Excellent Teacher Award” and “Grand Award”. They have won the second prize of “national college education achievement award” by Ministry of Education and the first prize of “Shanghai college education achievement award”. Three teachers were granted the title of the “Aurora Scholar”. From 2008, the major Art Design for theatre, film & TV has received the special funding from Shanghai Municipal Education Commission for three years on end. In 2008 many teachers of the department worked as key designers for character and stage design in the opening and closing ceremonies in the Beijing Olympic Games and Special Olympic Games, and received the award of “outstanding individual”. The Costume and Makeup Studio has received the honor of “Excellent Teaching Team” issued by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

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