Chinese Opera


The College of Chinese Opera hosts nine majors: Acting for Chinese Opera, Directing for Chinese Opera, Chinese Opera Music, Composition and Theories (arrangement for arias and music of Beijing opera and Kun opera), Puppeteering, Chinese Opera Musical, Community Culture Management, Arts & Exhibition Management (auditory art), and Design for Theatre, TV & Film (cartoon and animation). In 2006 Shanghai Youth Beijing and Kun Opera Troupe was established as a platform to foster outstanding young talents of Beijing and Kun opera.

The college has 40 professional teachers, including 7 with senior professional titles, 4 with associate senior professional titles. In addition, the college has invited top acting artists all over the country to teach special courses.

The main courses are: classic Chinese operas, theories of acting and directing for Chinese opera, history of Chinese opera, history of Beijing opera, script analysis, aesthetics of Chinese opera, computer music creation, musical instruments, string instrumental ensemble, puppeteering, planning and management of community culture events, basic art theories, etc. Among them the “Acting of Poetic Sketches” is a model course in Shanghai.

The College of Chinese Opera has made great achievements in reforming the training methods for Chinese opera talents, receiving the second prize of Ministry of Education, first prize in Shanghai, and the title of “advanced group” by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

In recent years the college has demonstrated excellent outcomes in teaching, taking the lead in the cultivation of Chinese opera talents in China. The students have won numerous prizes in various important competitions, such as the second prize in the outstanding plays in the 5th China Beijing Opera Festival, the gold, silver and bronze prizes in CCTV young opera performer competition, the gold and silver prize in the youth group one of first national Jinghu competition, and the gold prize in the first national puppet skill competition as part of the Golden Lion Award.

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