The College of Dance has seven professional teaching studios for ballet, classic Chinese dance, folk dance, ballroom dance, choreography, theory of dance, and music of dance, and the STA Youth Dance Troupe. The college has set up a rather complete curriculum covering the professional and optional courses of basic training, rehearsing and professional theories. It has developed six national, municipal and academy level model courses. The ballet and Chinese dance are selected in the Education Highland Project in Shanghai.

There are 42 professional teachers working in the college, including 3 with senior professional titles, and 5 with associate senior professional titles.

The college is focused on elite education in teaching and production by combining the classroom with the stage, combining the teachers with invited experts, and combining individual training with overall improvement. It invites the best teachers in China and abroad for tailor-made training of the students. Its graduates are highly welcomed by employers, and some of them are employed by national troupes. The students have won grand prizes in important competitions home and abroad, such as the Helsinki Award for ballet, the champion in Blackpool Ballroom Dance Competition in UK, the gold, silver and bronze prizes in Peach & Plum Dance Competition, the Lotus Award Dance Competition, and the national university student art show. The college has accumulated many excellent works, including ballet Tchaikovsky Rhapsody, Autumn, the Chinese folk dances Flowers, Zanha, Spring Butterflies, Bamboos under the Moonlight, Ode to Lotus Flowers, classical Chinese dances Rush,  Dragon Soars and Phoenix Dances, Mountain and Flowing Water - Sword, By the Water Side, Dream of Flying, the ballroom dances “Winter Comes”, the modern dance City, dance dramas Royal Concubine Yang, Ripe Oranges, Eighteen Springs, and ballet Four Seasons.

The college has also provided many opportunities for students to practice on stages, home and abroad, including USA, Japan, Russia, Switzerland, Thailand, Australia, and the regions of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

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