Affiliated Chinese Opera School


The Affiliated Chinese Opera School of Shanghai Theatre Academy is a national vocational school for the comprehensive training of Chinese opera talents. In 2008 the school was selected as one of the first intangible cultural heritage bases for Chinese opera. The school hosts majors of acting for Beijing opera, acting for Kun opera, acting for Hu opera, acting for Yue opera, acting for Huai opera, folk opera, Yang opera, martial arts in Chinese opera, model shows, opera music, stage design, opera music instruments (folk music), and puppetry among them the acting for Chinese opera is a key course in Shanghai.

In the 55 years since its founding, the school has cultivated a large number of art talents with all-around capabilities. By now over 200 graduates have received municipal or provincial level awards. Among them 13 graduates won “Plum Flower Prize”, the top award for opera acting in China, and 28 won “Shanghai Magnolia Opera Acting Award”. From 2005, the students started to attend the “Little Plum Flower Opera Competition for Children” and ranked the first in team score for five consecutive years.

Tel: +86-21-64803366